The Sounding Board

A Business Coaching Client once said, “It’s great having you here” as he pointed to some of his team outside his office.  “When they’ve got a problem they come to me – before you, I had no-one to go to.”

This is a common compliment we get.  We often find with Business Coaching Clients that just having someone to act as a “sounding board” or someone to bounce ideas off or to simply talk to is extremely valuable.  It’s often the case where the client knows what to do but just wants reassurance that they are on the right track.

From $0 to $45,000 in two hours

A couple of hours was all it took. One fruitful afternoon with a client and one of their team members working on pricing, margins, labour costs and travel charge out costs.  The net result was $45,000 per annum improvement in their bottom line.

“We don’t know where we’d be without you!”


“For the first time in three years I can take my weekends off.” 

A comment made by an Administration Manager after we’d put a series of structures and systems in place to improve the efficiency of the business


“I’m having a ball I can get out and sell”

  Comment made by the manager of a business who had a passion for selling after we had completely restructured the business and the employed “the right” staff


You’d be happy with that wouldn’t you”

A client’s comment to us when his Year to Date Net Profit was a six figure number in front of where it was at the same time last year